1. Why?

Because I can.  Look, there are news sites out there and that’s all well and good, you can get your info there. I’m just here for the music.  Not the tour dates, not the drama, not the instagram speculation or twitter beefs.  The music.  I post music.

2. Will you post my song or video?

Submit your song to inkreplication@gmail.com with BYANN in the subject line.  Include any info you want to be posted like how people can follow you or where to buy.

3. Can I advertise on your site?

I am not doing advertisements or paid postings on the site until I can determine if this site has enough value to charge people for something like that.  Spend your money on facebook ads for the time being, they’ve done wonders for me.

4. But I am a ninja, bitch!

I just thought it was a clever name and funny for the cryptogram in the mystery disc.  You are a ninja, and I believe in your skills.

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